3D Conformal Cooling Channels

Cooling Channels

3D conformal cooling channels

DMT® technology has competitive advantage to manufacture complex internal structures such as 3D conformal cooling channels. Products with the 3D conformal cooling channels by DMT® have been widely used in plastic injection, die casting and hot stamping. By 3D conformal cooling channels, productivity is dramatically enhanced by reducing cycle time and fraction defective.

3d conformal cooling channels


  • No corrosion and blockage have occurred in 3D conformal cooling channels by DMT® technology.
  • Quality enhancement
    • Reducing thickness variation and bubbles
    • Solving corrosion and blockage phenomenon
  • 3D conformal cooling channels by DMT® has been applied to home appliances and automotive industries for plastic injection, die casting and mass production.
  • Pre-designed cooling shape of complex part and insert it during the printing process
    • Inserted cooling shape makes complete body of the mold
    • It is used for mass production
3d conformal cooling channels


  • A fan mold made by 3D cooling channels for a leading home appliances company
    • InssTek manufactured a cooling fan mold by 3D cooling conformal cooling channels by DMT® to enhance cooling efficiency and prevent unnecessary noise. Eccentric mass of the mold also enhanced.
  • Tub back fixer mold manufacturing for washing machines
    • One of leading home appliances companies needed to enhance their cooling channels mold to enhance productivity for washing machines. InssTek was involved in developing cooling channels mold to improve cooling efficiency and productivity. Our client could have better productivity of the fan molds.