DMT® 3D metal printers can lead to manufacture high-performance multi-metal parts that are composed of two or more different alloys by switching supplied metal powders to the different kinds of alloy powders.


  • DMT® metal 3D printers enable to manufacture high-performance and multi-material parts with two or more different metal alloys
    • Enable to extend product life cycle
    • Manufacturing cost reduction
    • Enable to manufacture complex-shaped parts
    • For new product development such as thermal conductive molds


  • Tub back fixer mold manufacturing for a leading home appliances company
    • A global leading home appliances company wanted to enhance productivity of TUB back fixer mold for their washing machines.
    • InssTek manufactured TUB back fixer - cooling channels mold by DMT® technology to increase cooling efficiency of the mold. InssTek inserted cooling channels in molds to enhance productivity.
    • Productivity is doubled after printing by DMT® technology

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