Repair & Maintenance


Mechanical properties of repaired mold are same as original condition. It is widely applied in electronics automotive, aerospace and defense industries


  • Repairing damaged metal parts are one of the competencies in DMT® technology that restoration of product shapes and properties are same as original one by using same chemical compositions to the damaged part.
  • Also, the auto-tracking technology can repair damaged part easily without original CAD/CAM data.
  • Repairing by DMT® technology has been widely applied to industries such as electronics, automotive, power plant, and aerospace, especially key part of air crafts engines.
    • No visual distinction between original and repaired parts by using alloy powders with same composition
    • Better mechanical properties compared to original parts
    • Using ‘Auto-tracking’ technology enables to repair damaged shapes with CAD / CAM data


  • Repairing F110 engine part of F-15K for Korea Air Force
    • Cost and production lead time reduction:
      • Cost : 40K$/EA → 3K$/EA
      • Lead Time : 60 days → 20 day