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DMT ® The new concept of metal 3D printing technology that developed by InssTek

DMT® is Direct Metal Tooling that it is developed by InssTek’s own technical skills and it is classified as directed energy deposition technology by ASTM standard. The technology enables to produce complex-shaped metal products by using high power laser beam from 3D CAD data in a short time. it is applied to various industries such as electronics, automotive, medical, process, aerospace and defense.

Innovative additive manufacturing :
from design to manufacture of high density structure


  • DMT® is classified as directed energy deposition technology by ASTM Standard
  • Enables to manufacture large and complex shaped structures
  • Printing by DMT® can have excellent mechanical properties and high density structure
  • DMT® Technology can be applied to:
    • High Functional Materials & Components
    • Re-modeling of metal products
    • Repairing damaged products
    • Special coatings


  • Economical by using commercially available metal powders
  • Printing by DMT® can have 100% mechanical properties
  • Able to print large and complex-shaped products
  • Multi-material 3D printing
  • Able to repair worn-out part without original CAD/CAM file

Competitive Advantages

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    Excellent Mechanical Properties

    Printing metal parts has superior mechanical properties compared to original one.

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    Auto-tracking technology

    Repairing worn-out parts by DMT® with auto-tracking technology can print without original CAD file.

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    Wide range of industrial applications

    Printing by DMT® technology has already been applied to a wide range of industries such as aerospace, home appliances, automotive and medical industries.

Competitive Technical Features