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Hyundai Wia developing a hybrid system with InssTek

The development of hybrid metal 3D printing system between Hyundai Wia and InssTek, Inc. ( is introduced in Korean articles on 15 Mar. InssTek and Hyundai Wia kicked off to add DED (Directed Energy Deposition) and PBF (Powder Bed Fusion) technology to a tooling machine and this project will be completed by 2018. Hyundai Wia plans to integrate InssTek’s metal 3D printing technology to their conventional, subtractive metal cutting system which will reduce lead time significantly by switching two types of modules in one system. The project is divided into two phases: Combining I. DED and II. PBF technology for the hybrid system development, so the system will take advantage of both DED and PBF methods. In addition, Hyundai Wia will initiate medical application in artificial hip joint with the hybrid system and the company will also do GtM in global market by 2020.

InssTek to ship world’s largest metal DED Additive Manufactu…

South Korea’s InssTek has signed a US$2.3 million contract to ship one of its MX-Grande metal Additive Manufacturing system to a customer in Russia. With a working envelope of 4000 x 1000 x 1000 mm, the six-axis MX-Grande is said to be the largest Directed Energy Deposition (DED) type system in the world. The company also announced it has won a bid to supply a German university with an MX-450 system in a $1.2 million deal. InssTek produce a number of metal AM systems ranging from a compact desktop model to its flagship MX-Grande model incorporating a 5 kW Ytterbium fibre laser. The company was founded in 2001 and has developed its own patented Direct Metal Tooling (DMT) technology, classified as Directed Energy Deposition in the ASTM standard. The technology can be applied in electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace and defence industries.

InssTek wins orders to provide metal 3D printers to Europe

InssTek, Inc. has elbowed out its larger global rivals in winning orders to export their metal 3D printers to European countries. InssTek signed two separate contracts to provide giant metal 3D printers for precision lamination to Germany and Russia. The company signed a USD 2.3 million contract to provide the world’s largest metal 3D printer in a Russian University and a USD 1.2 million deal to export MX-450 for alloy development to a German university. The official said InssTek had a close bidding race with Franch metal 3D printer BeAM in Russia and US  metal 3D printer Optomec in Germany.

InssTek debuts MX-Mini, first 'DED' desktop metal 3D printer

South Korean 3D printer manufacturer InssTek was one of many companies to make a big impact at additive manufacturing expo formnext 2016, only they managed to do so with a very small metal 3D printer, the MX-Mini. The company also claims that its latest release is the first ever desktop metal 3D printer to use Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology. MX-Mini, was debuted at formnext 2016 in Frankfurt. Like InssTek’s other 3D printing systems, the MX-Mini is based on Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology (which actually encompasses the DMT method). The main thing that sets the new 3D printer apart from its predecessors, however, is its size. That is, unlike InssTek’s fleet of large-scale metal 3D printers, the MX-Mini has been minimized in both size and weight so it can be used as a desktop 3D printer.

InssTek Inc. Presented at a Technical Exchange Meeting led b…

InssTek Inc. had a technical seminar on 3D printing at the technical exchange meeting at Daejeon Convention Center that led by Daejung KIM, CTO of InssTek. The meeting was led by Korea Industrial Complex Corp. that meeting sessions were composed of several provinces including Jeonbuk, Kyung-ki, Daegu and Gyeongbuk. InssTek was also invited clients and state governments to their metal 3D printing site for having further understanding of current 3D printing industry in South Korea.

Insstek signed MOU agreement with Korea Railroad Corporation

Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) and InssTek signed a MOU agreement on 29 Aug to provide metal 3D printing solutions. The agreement contains to provide services including manufacture of railway vehicle parts from InssTek. InssTek is the first Metal 3D printing company in South Korea that developed its own technology named DMT® (Laser-aided Direct Metal Tooling) and the company has continued to lead the 3D printing market. DMT®, the metal 3D printing technology will be applied to manufacture vehicle parts for the 1st time in Korea by this agreement.

Appointed a New CEO for transforming to business organizatio…

The new appointed CEO, Dr. Doohoon SUN transforms organization of InssTek to strength and expand 3D metal printing business. Dr. Doohoon SUN acquired InssTek in 2009 to leverage 3D metal printing business with his operating company, Corentec for medical application. Corentec and InssTek, both companies cooperated to develop MPC , which is the custom metal 3D printing system for artificial hip & knee joint coating.

InssTek succeeded in repairing an engine part by DMT® with 9…

InssTek was asked to repair worn-out engine part of F15K for Republic of Korea Air Force and succeeded to repair with cost reduction. Republic of Korea Air force reduced production and delivery time by repairing the engine part by InssTek’s DMT® solutions. The engine part was originally paid KRW 40 million and it took 60 days for delivery time. But printing by DMT® enables to reduce delivery time to 20 days as well as production cost.

DMT® metal 3D printing systems getting attention at the meta…

InssTek developed DMT® metal 3D printing technology with excellent density and mechanical properties. This will be applied to manufacturing as well as aerospace & defense industries. Interests of DMT® metal 3D printing technology and systems are coming from Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands. Insstek recently made a contract with a leading electronics manufacturing company to deliver its system in Japan.



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