2017 | Dormac steps into 3D metal printing

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Machine Supplier Dormac CNC Solutions expands its product range with Additive Manufacturing technology. Dormac will represent South Korean 3D metal printer manufacturer InssTek, Inc. in the Netherlands.

InssTek, Inc. builds on metal products in 3D, on the basis of Direct Metal Tooling (DMT). It can be applied to standard metal powders with a high power laser beam from a Ytterbium fiber laser source, both on an existing workpiece (cladding), and new workpieces are built up completely (3D metal printing). Thus the DMT technology can be used for manufacturing, remodeling and repair.
The ability to assemble a workpiece from different types of materials or alloys is a distinctive feature of the DMT-technology. InssTek, Inc. uses standard steel, copper, titanium, nickel and cobalt metal powders.
The constructional design of the 3D-metal printers of InssTek, Inc. is similar to that of upper milling machines, wherein the laser head can make 3 or 5-axis movements. The working envelope of InssTek, Inc.'s 3D metal printer ranges from 200 × 200 × 200 mm to 4,000 × 1,000 × 1,000 mm.

Rework and repair
Dormac director Kees Karsten sees the addition of Additive Manufacturing technology as a quality addition to the milling technology, which delivers Dormac. “The DMT technology InssTek, Inc. new opportunities for both the market and our company. Malle Builders this instance, applying an additional layer hardened in a mold and then to one hundredth accurate finishing on a machining center. Also worn or damaged propellers and blades can with DMT technology repaired renewed instead of whole.” Karsten mentions as an example.

Investing in knowledge and experience
Dormac will invest the coming years strongly in knowledge and experience to optimally support the market with DMT technology. “For this we are working closely with the German and Swiss Doosan dealers, who will represent the 3D metal printers InssTek, Inc. in their region. In addition, we are supported by metallurgists of a German University. Soon Dormac has its own 3D metal printer Insstek, Inc. also in the house.” says Karsten.



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